Welcome to Brainlliant

Opening the Brainlliant in Melbourne to provide kids an opportunity to experience a whole new dimension in terms of enhanced memory, concentration, creativity, perceptiveness at            the same time instilling greater confidence in their everyday lives. The Brainlliant is created with great love, care and  values  to unlock your little genius.

Our Vision

  • To be the world’s leading brain development institute. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior results for our while adhering to the highest standard of business conduct.

Our Mission

  • To unleash the power inherent in the little giant and to prepare for brilliant life.

Our Values

  •  Trust and Integrity
  •  Respect
  •  Customer Focus

Our Purpose

  • To guide and sharpen the child’s mental power, especially the right brain.
  • To increase concentration, creativity and concentration.
  • To guide the child to attain Good Habits and Positive Attitudes.
  • To guide and support the child’s observation power.
  • To improve the child’s memory power.
  • To reduce the child’s carelessness.
  • To uplift the child’s moral fibre

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